Quarantined, Lockdown Covid19 Coronavirus

Covid19 has changed life in the UK, across Europe and basically EVERY country in the World. We all are slowly accepting the changes required to assist with the flattening of the curve to protect our NHS workers. Needless to say, it means more time at home during the lockdown period. This could be weeks or maybe months of isolation away from family, loved ones and friends. It’s a bitter pill to accept but our Government are working to the advice from some of the Worlds best Scientists and virologists. We (Seabird Radio) send our gratitude and support to our NHS workers and all those who are at the forefront of the battle against the virus. From the Doctors and Nurses to the cleaners and security, each of you we salute.

Never again will I watch a TV Awards Ceremony of Celebrities and Movie Stars in the same manner but would love to see each replaced with an NHS worker who has helped save thousands of lives and hear the amazing inspiring stories they can share.

It’s during these testing times we get to see the true colours of those around us who help and who go beyond any call of action. It’s in the darkest of hours the brightest of lights will shine. In these dark days we will see many bright lights of NHS workers and front line support workers putting their lives at risk to save others. I’m sending my heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone of them for doing their such giving jobs to make life better for us all.

We will all sadly lose loved ones, or friends and family members it seems, we shall all learn many things from this life changing disaster that sadly has been created by us as humans. Unity is what makes us all stronger, supporting one another, communicating and sharing thoughts and fears with others can only help in these testing times. DO NOT hold your emotions back, tell friends, family or loved ones your concerns and fears, as we are all sharing the same worries but all together as one.

These days WILL PASS, but each day will be remembered for the wrong reasons, it’s hard times that determine who we REALLY are as humans, but together we have a far greater chance of beating the odds.

I hope the Ambient Hour Radio Show and Seabird Radio shows can bring some brightness to your day, we are broadcasting 24 hours a day and with many fellow radio presenter shows each and everyday of the week. Get in touch with us online, or via our Online Radio Station page on Facebook, welove song requests and messages to read out to those who so thoroughly deserve it. Stay Safe, Stay Home and protect our NHS. Tune into the Waves and Wednesday nights 9pm

JJ x